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  • What is the Harmonic Egg?
    The Harmonic Egg is designed as a sacred geometric chamber that uses sound and light therapy with a resonant frequency to move and/or re-route blocked energy. It is made of natural wood to enhance the resonance within the chamber. The Harmonic Egg is not software-driven and does not incorporate bluetooth or wireless technologies. The Harmonic Egg is completely natural and safe. Custom Stress Relief Consultation 👈 Check out the video for more info! 👇
  • What can you expect from sessions in the Harmonic Egg?
    Clients might see improvement with a single session in the Harmonic Egg, but more frequently 3-10 sessions are necessary depending upon the client’s goals. Our clients say they experience healing on many levels—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Clients often find it is a consciousness-raising experience that increases creative thought and helps them heal from past traumas and limiting thoughts. Oftentimes there are odors released from the body, indicating an environmental detox.
  • How many sessions does it take to start seeing results?
    Our clients have shared with us that they often feel a positive change in their body after their first Harmonic Egg session. But it's important to keep in mind that everyone is unique, and if you're dealing with a chronic illness, a single session might not be enough to make a big difference. To get the best possible results, we recommend committing to a series of sessions that are spread out consistently. Depending on your individual needs, this might be anywhere from 3-10 sessions. We typically suggest having one session every 5-7 days. After each session, take some time to tune into your body and listen carefully. Even if changes are subtle, they can still be significant. We always appreciate hearing feedback from our clients so we can better understand how to help you achieve your goals. Check out the video for more info! 👇
  • Why is the music important in the Harmonic Egg?
    Music has long been known to have therapeutic properties. Some of the music used in the Harmonic Egg is created and produced exclusively for use in this device. Kay Gardner, author of The Inner Landscape, has identified the following: Piano may be used to bring the nervous system into balance. Drumming may build the immune system and is highly effective for Parkinson’s, MS, Flute may be used for anger issues, gout, sciatica, insomnia Bells may be used for high blood pressure, asthma, apnea, heart and lung problems, breast cancer, allergies, adrenal fatigue. Harp may be used for depression. Violin may be used for tumors. Nature sounds may work on the DNA.
  • What is the difference or similarity between the Harmonic Egg and a flotation tank?
    The only slight similarity is that they are enclosed and an immersive experience The geometric shape of the Egg gives it the ability to "self-clean." The floatation tanks use water. They are filtered, and they do contain a large amount of salt; however, the vibration of the toxins is not cleared from the water. The Harmonic Egg is made of natural wood and does not hold energy or energetic information like water. There are no 90-degree angles where energy can collect. There is a lot of information from Victor Schauberger about the special properties of the egg shape, and vibration. The egg is the most powerful shape in the world
  • What makes the Harmonic Egg unique?
    The Harmonic Egg is made of wood. The Egg is designed with resonance in mind, just like a musical instrument or concert hall. The design of the Egg determines what music harmonizes within the Egg (not all music works), and therefore, what tones are healthy for the body. These musical frequencies combine with the light, color, and gentle vibration, all to create a relaxing environment for the body to let go and find homeostasis again. There are very low EMFs within the Egg, and it does not disturb the energy field with bluetooth, wi-fi, or any other wireless transmissions. Every session is unique. The vast combinations of music selections and lighting colors create hundreds of variations, which ensures creative solutions for each individual client, every time.
  • Will I hear binaural beats in the Egg?
    No. There are many therapies that try to “force” the body and brain into a fixed outcome. The Harmonic Egg meets the client where they are at and does not force an outcome, such as a specified brain pattern, a certain hertz frequency, or even a desired emotional state. The body is a complex mechanism, and everybody has a unique unfolding. Trying to force an outcome can just further confuse and intensify the issues.
  • How do I prepare for a Harmonic Egg Session?
    To prepare for your Harmonic Egg session, it is recommended that you arrive well hydrated and wearing comfortable clothing. It is also requested that you refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes and be prepared to remove your shoes before entering the Egg. Before going into the Egg, any jewelry, metal, or crystals should be removed to avoid interfering with the frequency interplay. Additionally, cell phones should be turned off or muted, and any electronics should be removed from your pockets to minimize any potential interference with the session. Lastly you will be asked to set your intention for yourself and the egg.
  • Will I be Claustrophobic inside the Egg?
    Usually clients have no trouble feeling claustrophobic. The Harmonic Egg is spacious, and the door has space around it to allow airflow. There is a buzzer close by if you need assistance. The door does not have to be completely closed to have a session if the client so desires.
  • Can pregnant women and children use the Harmonic Egg?
    Yes, it is safe to use when pregnant and for children of all ages. Let us know if you are pregnant, as we will select an appropriate volume and soundtrack for you and your baby. Depending on the child's age, the mother or father may have to sit in the Egg with the child.
  • How do I prepare for a Remote Harmonic Egg session?
    Email the following information (which we need for your remote session) as soon as possible: A photo of you (should include at least waist up) Your birth date, present name and full birth name Details on what you would like to focus on for your session Commit to being in a safe, quiet place during the remote session to lie down or sit comfortably for the 50 minutes, and hold the space for your own healing and intention. To get the most out of your session, it is very important to be well hydrated prior to the session and to remain optimally hydrated after as well. If you are booking a remote session for your pet: The protocol is the same as above. Please email us all details for your pet (photo, etc.) as soon as possible. Commit to have your pet in a quiet environment where they will not be disturbed during the time of the session (50 minutes). Ensure your pet has plenty of water before and after the session.
  • Do you guarantee results?
    Although we acknowledge the potential benefits of each session, we do not utilize registered medical devices or operate as a medical clinic, and therefore, we are unable to make any guarantees or claims regarding results. Various factors, including lifestyle, stressors, diet, and personal beliefs, can impact each client's individual response. However, we have received numerous testimonials from clients who have utilized the HE to address a diverse range of issues and heal themselves.
  • How much is one Remote Harmonic Egg session?
    All our other services can be found under the services page on our website. ONE REMOTE HARMONIC EGG SESSION INFO: $75 Per Session 50 minutes Online Meeting Book Here 👈 What is a Remote Harmonic Egg Session? + One Remote Harmonic Egg session is a non-invasive method aims to restore balance, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being by addressing imbalances in the body's energy systems. + An excellent option if you cannot attend in person due to location or illness.
  • What is The Emotion Code?
    The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique used to discover and release possible underlying energetic causes of mental, emotional, and physical issues. I believe that 80% of the imbalances that we suffer from are emotional in nature. During a session I identify and release trapped emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events, that are potentially contributing to a range of issues. The Emotion Code is designed to help you ease emotional wounds, break self-sabotage, restore love to relationships and alleviate physical discomfort. The Emotion Code is a simple and effective way to identify and release your emotional baggage (trapped emotions). Book Here 👈 Check out the video for more info! 👇
  • What are Trapped Emotions?
    Trapped Emotions are left over negative emotional energies that get stuck in your body. These emotional energies are from past emotional experiences that you couldn't fully process at the time. An emotion can become trapped in the body if it is overwhelming in some way, or if the normal emotional process (creating, experiencing and letting go) gets interrupted somehow. During an intense emotional experience, your whole body takes on the vibration of that emotion and you feel the energy of that emotion in your body. For example, if you experience an emotion of anger, you might want to scream, yell, punch something or run away, but it may not be appropriate in the moment to do those things. So instead the emotional energy of anger is suppressed as it is unable to be released or processed by the body. This can result in the energy becoming stuck in the body and this is called a trapped emotion. Despite the fact that a particular event or situation has occurred in the past and you believe that you have moved forward from it, the emotional energy linked with that event or situation can remain trapped within your body, leading to disorder and possibly resulting in an overall lack of balance within the body.
  • What do Trapped Emotions do?
    Trapped emotions are balls of vibrating energy about the size of your fist. Because trapped emotions are made of energy (just like the rest of your body) they distort the body's energy field and interfere with the physical body functioning properly. Inflict physical or emotional suffering Lead to impaired functioning of organs and glands Trigger disease within the body and persistent emotional problems." Hinder your ability to experience love and happiness Create a sense of disconnection between you and others When you have a trapped emotion in the body, your body is feeling the vibration of that emotion all the time. For example, if you have a trapped emotion of 'anger' lodged in your body, when a situation arises you may feel triggered and feel anger very easily. That is because you have the emotional vibration of 'anger' (the energy of that emotion from a previous situation/event) in you and it is triggering a reactionary response.
  • What is Emotional Baggage?
    The idea of emotional baggage, also known as trapped emotions, serves as a metaphor to describe the lasting emotional wounds and unresolved issues from our past that we carry with us wherever we go. This baggage can be compared to a heavy suitcase filled with limiting beliefs, insecurities, inhibitions, and trauma passed down from previous generations. The weight of this emotional burden can leave us feeling blocked and weighed down, potentially contributing to a variety of mental, emotional, and physical issues.
  • How can emotional energy be released if I don't need to talk about any of the emotions during the session?
    Unlike therapy or counseling sessions, an Emotion Code session doesn't require you to discuss your emotions or past experiences. We don't need you to relive any painful memories in order to release trapped emotions or correct energetic imbalances. Instead, during a session, the practitioner communicates with your subconscious mind through yes/no questions and muscle testing. Your subconscious mind has complete knowledge of your body and emotional state, functioning like an internal computer system. Using muscle testing, the practitioner can decode the necessary information and determine which emotions or imbalances need to be addressed. This way, you can release emotional energy without having to talk about your feelings or revisit past events.
  • How does an Emotion Code session work?
    The Emotion Code session is a painless and non-invasive process that utilizes muscle testing to access the knowledge stored in your subconscious mind. Your practitioner initiates the session by connecting to your energy and asking a series of yes/no questions to your subconscious mind, evaluating biofeedback responses via muscle testing. Through this process, imbalances that may be affecting your physical and emotional wellness are identified. The practitioner then uses magnetic energy and principles of ancient Chinese medicine to release those energies one by one.
  • Where are the Emotion Code sessions held?
    All sessions will be remotely online. Energy connects regardless of distance and distance sessions allow people to access this energy healing modality no matter where they are. You can schedule a live session remotely or a pre-recorded session emailed directly to you. Email sessions are very convenient and perfect for busy people as you do not need to schedule an appointment. You can receive the benefits of energy healing without having to physically attend a session.
  • Does distance energy healing work as effectively as doing a session in person?
    Distance healing is effective as working in person. Energy connects regardless of distance and we experience the same profound effect whether in person or via distance.
  • How long is a session?
    An Emotion Code session is approximately 20-30 minutes long. I release between 5-10 Trapped Emotions during the session. A session may consist of a mixture of 1-2 topics that you would like to cover in a session that are tailor made to your specific needs.
  • How many times per week can I have an Emotion Code session?
    I recommend allowing 48-72 hours between sessions. Some of our clients prefer sessions twice or three times a week whereas other clients prefer to have one session per week.
  • How soon can you expect results?
    Individuals may experience varying levels of progress and transformation after a session, depending on their situation. The process of personal growth is gradual and multifaceted, and it is impossible to guarantee immediate results since every individual has a unique background and experiences. Similar to how one cannot expect to achieve physical fitness after a single workout, realistic expectations should be set for the duration of the personal growth journey. It is crucial to avoid becoming overly fixated on immediate outcomes, as subtle changes that occur after each session may go unnoticed. Such changes can manifest in the way individuals react and respond to different situations. After a session, clients may feel a sense of relief, as though a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Others may recognize positive changes that they themselves did not notice, such as improved interactions with family, friends, and colleagues, or greater ease in managing personal difficulties. Developing greater self-awareness, compassion, and empathy for oneself and others is another potential outcome of personal growth.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    The number of sessions required for each individual varies, as everyone is unique and their background, emotional intelligence, and life experiences can all influence the process. Additionally, the number of issues or goals that the person wants to work on can also impact the number of sessions required. While certain issues can be resolved in a single session, others may require multiple sessions. For this reason, I offer sessions in packages of 5 or 10, as my clients have reported better results and a greater impact with multiple sessions.
  • Will this energy healing modality work for me if I don’t know anything about energy healing?
    You do not need to understand every aspect of the process in order for it to work. We encourage people to have an open mind about energy healing. Everything in the world has energy including our bodies. If we stay open to the possibilities then anything can happen. Our bodies know what we need to heal and be at our best. We use The Emotion Code and The Body Code to tap into that inner knowledge so we can release and correct imbalances and empower your body to thrive.
  • How do I book a session?
    Click on the ‘Book Online’ tab in the menu bar. Scroll down to the different types of packages. Click on the Emotion Code tab. Choose what type of session works best for your needs. After placing your order you will receive an email with all the important information about scheduling your sessions. All sessions will take place online. I will email or message you via phone number with more information on the platform we will use for your session. More information will be sent to you via email with details about our session and what to do before and after.
  • What is life coaching?
    Life coaching can be likened to having your own personal cheerleader, who not only cheers you on from the sidelines but also assists you in recognizing and accomplishing your individual and career objectives. Collaborating with a coach entails devising a strategy, overcoming any obstacles that arise, and cultivating the aptitudes and mentality required to achieve your full potential. In essence, it's comparable to having a covert weapon at your disposal!
  • What can a life coach help me with?
    A life coach is a valuable resource for anyone looking to achieve their personal or professional goals. They provide support, guidance, and accountability to help you stay on track and make progress towards your aspirations. Whether you're struggling with relationships, feeling stuck in your career, or facing stress and anxiety, a life coach can help you navigate these challenges and emerge stronger and more confident.
  • Who can have a life coach?
    While life coaching can be beneficial for anyone, those who typically seek the support of a coach often share certain qualities. These include a strong desire for change, a need for direction and clarity, and a drive to achieve their goals. According to research, people who have a life coach gain quicker results with their goals and remain more focused with the support and guidance of a coach.
  • What does a typical life coaching session involve?
    In collaboration with your life coach, you'll explore your aspirations and identify any barriers that may be hindering your progress. Together, you'll create a roadmap for personal growth and development to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Your life coach acts as your partner, providing guidance, support, and motivation while also keeping you accountable to your commitments. With each session, you'll set new targets and work towards accomplishing them, just like having a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • How does the process of self-discovery and growth in life coaching differ from traditional therapy?
    When it comes to self-discovery and personal growth, life coaching offers a unique and effective approach. Unlike traditional therapy, which often focuses on past experiences and emotional processing, life coaching is centered on creating positive change in the present and future. Through a collaborative partnership, a coach helps clients identify their goals, develop strategies for achieving them, and overcome any obstacles along the way. This process encourages a growth mindset and empowers clients to take action towards creating a fulfilling and purposeful life. By identifying and addressing limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior, life coaching helps individuals unlock their true potential and create lasting change.
  • How long are the coaching sessions?
    On average a coaching session is from 60 to 90 mins. The duration of working with a life coach depends on your specific goals and the level of support needed to achieve them. While some individuals may see significant progress after just a few sessions, others may prefer to work with their coach for an extended period of time. Ultimately, the length of time spent with a life coach is based on your personal needs and what works best for you.
  • Where does coaching take place?
    I primarily conduct coaching sessions online using platforms such as Skype or Zoom, enabling me to work with individuals from all over the world. Online coaching has proven to be an effective and convenient option for those with busy schedules.
  • What are the potential outcomes by doing life coaching?
    Dance out the toxic energy that drains your life force and awaken the limitless energy of your soul to feel vibrant, lit-up, and ready to be the creator of your own reality! Feel deep peace and clarity as you uncover the sacred blueprint to your path and purpose, which will finally have you saying, "I now know what to do with ease and grace." Remove restrictive beliefs around your purpose and shift into the realm of limitless potential where you'll be singing at the top of your lungs, "I've got the power to create my dreams." Awaken your treasure trove of natural gifts, talents, and abilities and watch abundance flow in as you share them with the world, guilt and shame-free. Shake off the burden of others’ expectations and shift into a confident individual who knows exactly what their soul wants to do and be, and isn’t afraid to express it. Break up with bad habits that hold you back and shift into a confident individual who calls in and creates their desires. Coaching is for you if…. ✔ If you feel adrift in your current phase of life and can't envision your future, ✔ If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed by an endless list of tasks or bogged down by "shoulds," ✔ If you struggle to muster the confidence to lead your best life, ✔ If you sense that there's a spiritual connection within you but can't seem to tap into it ✔ If you need a soothing presence to see you, hear you, and guide you towards your authentic selfWe

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